Rising To The Occasion

Rising To The Occasion

Oppose Senate Bill 810

I am a proud Texan who stands for private property rights and small businesses here in our great state! I believe that landowners know what’s best for their habitat, wildlife, and ranches. I oppose Senate Bill 810 because it will negatively impact families across our State!

Please Sign to Oppose Senate Bill 810!

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By registering your opposition to Senate Bill 810, you are helping to make a positive impact on Texas families and Texas businesses.

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Our natural resources, habitat, and wildlife have never faced greater challenges than today. Urban sprawl, land fragmentation, and the top-grading of wildlife populations have stressed our Texas landscape like never before. Texas landowners and wildlife stewards are now the front-line defense against a diminishing ecosystem.

At the Texas Deer Association, we embrace these modern challenges. We understand that modern science and forward-thinking management techniques are the foundations for a better Texas.  We believe that landowners, sportsmen, and hunters are the best stewards of their land, wildlife, and natural resources.  We believe in providing landowners a wide array of management tools to tackle the challenges of wildlife population diversity and long-term habitat sustainability.

Landowners and outdoorsmen must be innovative and forward thinking in order to sustain increasing demands. Management tools such as high fences, genetic diversity through reproductive selection, and human intervention to maximize population dynamics allow our property owners to care for a resource during the toughest of times. We believe that caring for our populations is not just a right, but a responsibility and obligation bestowed to us by our Creator.

We rise to every challenge, including the threat of disease. Our membership monitors for disease at the highest levels in the country. There is simply no other wildlife organization that can account for more disease surveillance in the United States than members of the Texas Deer Association.

Our membership is the front-line defense against the modern wildlife challenges facing Texas today. We take great pride in leaving our land and our animals in a better state than we found them. We believe that our children deserve a better Texas than the one today. We are the Texas Deer Association!