Partial Rules and Entry Form
Registration must be completed, payment made, and antlers turned in for scoring by 3pm on Friday, August 16, 2019.
No exceptions will be made.

All division winners will have pedigrees, article, and pictures listed in Tracks magazine and on TDA website.

1. Original antler sets only will be scored, replicas will not be eligible for entry into the contest.
– rebuilt antler sets (burr moldings) will be eligible for the contest
– antler sets that are not rebuilt will get a standard 2” added to each mainbeam length measurement

2. Inside spread will be given by the submitter of contest entry. Pictures and/or video might be requested at the judges discretion in order to substantiate the measurement given.

3. Gross Mainframe scores will include all matching points from each side of the antler set. There is not a limit to the number of main beam typical points on an antler set, and no more than 35% non-typical points to be qualified for GMF category.

4. Gross scores will include points eligible according to the SCI standards of antler scoring.

5. Tie breaker will be longest tine in the antler set plus longest main beam for the antler set.

6. All entries due by 3pm on Friday, August 16, 2019 of Convention.

7. Texas Typical Category will be scored according to the SCI standards for typical scores. No more than 10% non-typical points allowed for entry into this category.

8. Best of Show winners will be determined by a weighted scale including the antler scores and a popular vote at the convention for class winners only. Fan Favorite votes do not require the buck to win their class or division.